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Skin Care Treatments

What Advantages Do Skin Care Treatments Have?

Skin Care Treatments are a set of techniques incorporated in the Dr. Omid Dental & Aesthetic Clinic to help our Patients to have a clean, healthy and preserved skin in the best state, providing luminosity and reaching where your creams do not. they do, also achieving more effective and lasting effects by reaching deeper skin layers.

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Skin Care Treatments

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Treatments For Your Skin Care

  • Multipunction: Treatment for Stretch Marks, Blemishes, Wrinkles and Acne Marks
  • Non-Abrasive Peeling: Hydration, Regeneration, Blemishes and Acne.
  • Virtual Mesotherapy: Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin Compounds.
  • Radio frequency: Flaccidity and Regeneration.
  • Facial Hygiene: Keep the skin clean of imperfections through Salicylic Acid Peeling.
  • Treatments for Special Occasions: Events, Weddings or Celebrations: Combinable treatments adapted to the state of your foot.
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Treatments For Your Skin Care

Multipunction is a powerful tool that allows both the restoration of dermal-epidermal communication and the communication of cells. Through the microstimulation of specific growth factors and regulatory factors, this communication is reestablished and can add long-term results for many procedures, so much so that it can be used as a preparation for others to ensure that when the treatment is done, communication between layers is restored and the procedure will have the best possible results.

Treatments For Your Skin Care

Mesostar Electroporation

Latest generation technology that allows the automatic penetration of any active principle through the skin, by means of electromagnetic waves that achieve electroporation, or what is the same, the conduction from epidermis to dermis, of all kinds of active principles without the use of needles, as in traditional mesotherapy. A few minutes are enough to transport 500 times more active than a topical application.

Hydrates, revitalizes and regenerates the skin. Excellent method to fight against aging, obesity, cellulite and flaccidity. Virtual mesotherapy can be applied anywhere on the body, except the breasts.

Some of the most used types of assets

- Facial: hyaluronic acid, vitamins, collagen, elastin, nutrients, tensors, etc ..
- Body: lipolytics, firming, draining, mesotherapy cocktails, etc ..
Manual transducer Manual transducer
Electroporation of the face and small body areas.

Body Transducer Body Transducer
Automatic electroporation of large body areas.

Limitless efficacy in your treatments:

Mesotherapy transducer
- Cellulite.
- Localized adiposities.
- Reaffirmation.
- Antiaging.
- Physiotherapy.

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Treatments For Your Skin Care

Radiofrequency is a system that It stimulates collagen production own by raising the temperature of the dermis. This increase in collagen gives tension to the tissue and the treated area, thus achieving decrease sagging and rejuvenating the area in question, in addition to improving sagging and fine lines.

Procedure with the Salicylic Acid Peeling

The procedure with this peeling is quick and simple, it does not usually have adverse effects or complications. You will be able to immediately get involved in daily tasks. The treatment time can vary, lasting approximately 30 minutes. After the peeling, your skin will feel a little tight, but at the same time smooth. These slight discomforts disappear spontaneously in a very short time.


Totally avoid exposure to the sun and heat for about 10 days. Don't stretch or pinch the skin. If you wish, you can use makeup from the day after the treatment.

Treatments For Your Skin Care

Salicylic Acid Peeling is an acid widely used to treat acne, inflammation or itching. Being a popular ingredient in many medications, found in cleansing creams, lotions, and toner wipes.

This acid allows to correct the abnormal flaking processes that can occur in the skin when it is prone to acne. It works like an exfoliator, eliminating the production of dead skin cells.

Being especially useful in the treatment of acne due to its ability to penetrate the follicle. It works by shedding dead skin cells from inside the follicle and also helping to keep pores clear of cell debris. In this way, the number of skin rashes and blocked pores is reduced.

Aesthetics for the Skin

Characteristics of Skin Care Treatments


Between 30 and 60 minutes


No pain


Keep your skin in the best condition, monthly sessions.


The Treatment can be combined with any other.



Aesthetics for the Skin

Frequent questions Skin Care Treatments

To keep your skin in the best state of luminosity and health, we have created different treatments, adapted to your needs, to maintain an optimal state of your skin and reach where creams cannot. By treating deep layers of the skin, these treatments are specialized in correcting and beautifying the skin. Normally, although it depends on each case, it is advisable to perform one of these treatments once a month. However, our team will advise you on what you need in your specific case and in a personalized way.

Of all the body's organs, the skin is the most versatile of all. It is the only organ that is directly and constantly open to the outside. The skin protects from external agents, from heat and cold, from air and the elements, from bacteria, it is waterproof, it repairs and lubricates itself, it even removes some waste from the body. That is why keeping the skin in its best version is so necessary.

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